the world is more beautiful.....

Guys, I promise I am still alive ;)
I am so sorry for the neglection of this blog that I once spent so much time on! I decided to do one of my inspirational posts. because I have missed being able to inspire you guys, and speak to you guys

I want to talk about the way we see the world...
it's actually true, everybody sees the world differently.
you have a choice to make the way you see the world as beautiful or tragic just by your attitude.
do you remember that worst vacation ever? that beach that really just seemed pretty dreadful. it may have not been beautiful in your eyes. but, I can promise you somebody else may have stood at that same beach and let the water run over their toes, and the sun shine on their face. and that moment for them, was beautiful.

don't take life for granted. really, I can promise you life can be so beautiful if you choose to see it in the most fascinating, devine way possible! because you only get this life once ♥ you only get to live this day once.
you only get this family once.
these friends once.
these enemies once (yep! even them too ;)
God gave you this life for a reason! He doesn't regret this day He gave you, so don't you regret it either.

I can be so hard. it can hurt. some days you just don't want to smile. and even the sunshine seems dull.
but remember, you are loved. you are here for a reason.  everything about you is perfectly how God wanted it.
 "you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches"
so, don't let haters get you down. you can either let them make you weaker, or only become stronger from this.  and be what they're not.
and these disasters we encounter are all God's plan to make our life tragically beautiful.
 i can promise you some days i wake up on the sunniest day, and see it as cloudy.
and that is because im just thinking about making myself happy.
the less you think about making yourself happy, the more you'll get out of life, i can promise you that.
so, when wake up tomorrow, think of making it the best day ever. because you never know how many of them you get.
turn that smile upside down :)
you're prettier when you smile ♡

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P.S. new youtube videos coming soon! ive just been busy with homework, dance class...etc,. leave suggestions below ;) i love you guys so much!!

MY FIRST VIDEO // Introducing mademoiselle Noelle!

I know I haven't posted on here in SO long, and I am so sorry :'(
I just wanted to let you guys know my first youtube video is up, and I am also going to be doing a Q&A video very if you guys want to leave some questions down below in the comments, ill be answering them in my next video :) I love you guysssss! ♡ << there's the link to my video!

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P.S. my youtube channel is

More tags and awards guyssss!
Before I get to the wonderful awards and tags that Rachel and Celia tagged/awarded me with, I would like to let all of you who were waiting on my first YouTube video know that it will be up really soon (Hopefully by Saturday!) I have been really busy, which I know is a very boring and lame excuse, but it's trueee!! I am either going to film a hairstyle tutorial on bangs or a makeup tutorial....or maybe both in one video?!'ll just have to find out when I post it ;)

P.S. My channel is mademoisellenoelle09 for those of you who didn't know ♡


Nowww onto the awards!

First is the Fashion tag, which Celia tagged me with! Thanks, Celia!!

Le Rules:

1. Include one of the fashion tag buttons in your post.
2. Answer all of the questions.
3. Nominate 3-5 bloggers to do it next. :)

1. What is your favourite kind of hairstyle?
Since I just recently got a new curling iron, I have been enjoying curling my hair and putting it into a pony tail with my bangs down and straightened :)

2. What is your favourite kind of top?
I like crop tops (You will find tons of them in my dresser/closet) and I also like bustier tops!

3. Do you prefer shorts or skirts?
I have been quite obsessed with skater skirts recently! But I also loved washed out denim shorts!

4. Favourite style of dress?
I like rompers that can look like dresses....but I LoVe short dresses that have a fuller skirt! I really don't have any of the right terms for these things! :P I guess the right answer to this question would just be short.

5. Winter outfits or Summer outfits?
OMG Summer all the way! I also like Fall outfits, when I get to pull out my purple beanie and gloves with a sweater!

6. Necklaces or bracelets?
Necklaces I think!
7. Favourite kind of shoe?
Toms, converse, and Keds! I am more of a casual shoe girl, but I also like to dress it up with some heels sometimes!
I taggggg:
Next, I was tagged with 
The Sunflower Award
Thank you Sooooooooo much, Rachel, for this! I am so sorry for not doing it sooner than this! :(
and the rules areeee:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions set by your nominated blogger
3. Nominate your bloggers
4. Set seven questions for the nominated bloggers
11 facts about me:
1. My biggest fashion/makeup inspirations are Bethany Mota and Zoella!
2. I have 291 followers on Pinterest, and 12,419 pins!
3. My goals top 3 goals this Summer are:
To make it the BEST Summer eveeeeer!
To dance on Pointe shoes
To become YouTube famous
4.  I have a Very long Summer bucket list with much more (un) important things on it!
5.  I blush a lot, so it's not hard for a guy to tell when I am nervous around him! agh! :/
6.  I have no idea how tall I am! So don't ask...(I am guessing somewhere between 5' and 5' 4")
7.  I have always wanted to travel to the end of the rainbow!
8.  I am listening to "She looks so perfect" by 5 Seconds of Summer right now
9.  I keep a journal and write about my biggest struggles in life, and cross them out after God has helped me get through them!
10.  I write letters to my Dad everyday, so that when I leave for college, and then to Ireland after I graduate and then get married and move out of the house, I have this big pile of letters to give him that he can read! I write about the memories I have had with him and how much I love him...and little things like that :) I just thought it would be special for him to have whenever he was missing me!
11.  I am 25% irish and 25% British!!
 Rachel's questions:
What's your favorite quote from a Disney movie? 
"Some people are worth melting for"- Olaf
Do you prefer flowery fields or a flat mowed lawn? 
Flowery fields! ❀
What's your favorite type of computer/electronic devise company?
Apple most definitely!
Do you like Wii, PlayStation, or Xbox better? 
I loooove Wii! Mainly because I love to play Just Dance 4 late at night with maaahh bestie!
If you could have one thing for a day, what would it be? 
I would have One direction :) They're not really things....but they're very valuable people i'd love to spend the day with ;)
Do you like watercolor or sketching better?
Sketching...I was never really able to master watercolor, but I love sketching!
What is one thing you really want to learn?
I want to learn more languages and learn public speaking! (If we're talking school here (:P)
My nominees: 
Any other bloggers who would like to do this award!
My questions for you guys:
1.  Who is your biggest fashion inspiration?
2.  Would you rather be a professional artist or a professional writer?
3.  If you could be featured in any music artist's music video, who would it be?
4.  Describe your favorite band in five words
5.  What, to you, is the meaning behind the song "Little things" by One direction (If you haven't listened to it...I would suggest doing so....but, you don't have to if you don't want to answer the question! hehe)
6. What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
7.  What is your favorite Bible verse from the New Testament?
8.  What is your favorite devotional/Inspirational book?
Thanks for the tags guysss!! ❥❥❥❥
I've had so much fun doing them!

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Let it shine, let it shine....

I was nominated by Celia with the Sunshine Award! Thank you so much!! xoxo I have been awarded this so many times...but I always love answering your wonderfully creative questions :) And it looks like answering Celia's questions shall be a blast! ;D hehe

* Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
* Answer the questions they asked you.
* Nominate other bloggers.
* Give them a list of questions.
* Let them know that they have been nominated.
* The Sunshine Award button must be on your blog post.  
Here are the questions I was asked:
1. What is your favorite song, and why? I think my favorite song that I enjoy right now is "Happily"....first of all, it is by One direction, so that about explains it ;) but also, it has such an upbeat tune and's kind of my Summer theme song! I just really like it!!
2. If you could spend one day doing whatever you like, what would you do? I would probably go to ABC (Which is the American Dance Company in New York) And I would want to be able to dance on the big stage in front of a large crowd in one of their productions with professional dancers!
3. Tell about a funny dream you had.
Last night, I dreamed I was at prom, and a random boy came up and kissed my hand and then called me a jerk! Not quite funny I guess! :P But I also had a dream that we had a prom at our church (which is quite small btw!) So it was very hilarious!
4. What is the farthest back memory from your life that you can remember? I remember when I was about 3-years-old, and we were moving out of one of our houses, and I was watching my mom showing some people who were going to be moving into our house around it! I didn't like them very much, because I didn't want them to live in our house :P haha!!
5. Have you ever had an imaginary friendsie?  Yes! Very many....I cant even remember all of their names!
6. If you could have any pet, what would it be? I think I would either have a pet bird, or a little kitten!
7. If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?
1. To be able to be invisible so I could eavesdrop on whoever I wanted to ;)
2. To be able to fly wherever I wanted, whenever I the time of only 5 minutes to see whoever I wanted!
3. Endless wishes!
8. Say your in The Hunger Games. You have a large group of 7 allies. You can pick your allies from your friends and fictional charecters. Who do you team up with?
My best friend, Annalise, my sister, Isabelle, One Direction (YES! They count as one person ;) ), Peeta Mellark, Katniss Everdeen, Augustus Waters (gaaahhh! I just love him so much! I don't know how much he would help me in the Hunger games though!), aaaaaand Finnick Odar!
9. Favorite quote?
"One day someone is going to hug you so tight, that all your broken pieces are going to stick back together."- Anonymous
10. Describe waking up and getting out of bed.  My normal routine? Well.....
The sun shines through the window just above my bed, and the light streams onto my white bed covers. I roll over to see my little sister sleeping softly next to me, and I sit up.  I stretch (looking very much like some sort of dinosaur) and roll out of bed, checking in my mirror that my hair doesn't look a complete mess, which it usually is.  So then, I fix my hair in a messy side braid, and head downstairs to get some breakfast.      
 I Nominate:
Tane from Fifth out of Ten
Lila from Creative Thinking
Rachel from You and I
Here are my questions for you:
1. Describe your dream date with your favorite celebrity and/or fictional character
2. Describe your two bosom friends, and how you met them
3. If you had to be a flower, what kind would you be?
4.  If you were an animal, what animal would you be, and who would you choose to be your best friend?
5. How many songs do you usually listen to everyday?
6. What is your favorite book?
7. If you could go on tour with any band or singing artist for a whole year, who would it be?
8. What would your dream wedding dress look like?
9. Write a 50 word story, starting....NOW! haha
10. What is your least favorite subject of school?
I was also nominated by Rachel with the sunflower award, which I will try to do super soon! :)                                                                
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|| Youtube Channel ||

Hey lovelies! ♥

A while ago, I started a YouTube channel, but I never posted any videos on
it, because I needed some inspiration first! soooo...
I wanted to ask you for some suggestions on my first video! What would you like to see on my channel? (ex: Makeup, advice, hair tutorials, devotions...etc,.)
I would also be willing to do a Q&A video if you guys would like that! ☺

Comment below with your suggestions and whatever marvelous ideas you come up with!

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P.S. Subscribe!