Who I Am /

I love Jesus, family, friends, and I adore one direction!

I am a Christian. Dancer. Directioner. Daydreamer. Blogger. lover. sister. Pinner. Nialler girl ❤

some random facts about me..

Jesus is my everything! I could honestly be nowhere without him! I can go to Him about anything and everything and He is always, always there for me! and He loves me more than any one else ever could, which is pretty hard to imagine!

I dance Classical Ballet, and Contemporary Ballet,  Lyrical, and I've done Jazz and Tap before :D

I adore British and Irish accents (hehe)

I love to sing around the house at the top of my lungs. I love "trying" to sing Demi Lovato, Emeli Sande, One direction, Britt Nicole, Meredith Andrews, Casting Crowns, Matthew West!
Well, actually, that's all my favorite music^ :P

I am a fangirl. ღ

I love to read books.....My favorite books are: The Bible, Kisses from Katie, 1D: Dare to Dream, 1D: Where We Are, Mocking Jay, and a lot of good devotionals.

I love a good movie! For example...Soul Surfer, October Baby, ↠Hunger Games↠, 1D3D: This is Us, Courageous, Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Catching Fire, Safe Haven...and so many more :) teeheehee!

I have 6 brothers and sisters. I have 3 younger siblings and 2 older. My older sister, Issy, has a blog She's not afraid <3

I love food...ツ

Here's ^^ a big, happy collage with pictures of me and my friends :) hehe
I am the one with strawberry blonde hair in all of them!



  1. Noelle, so cool that you live in a big family as well. :) I really love your blog, and your posts are so bright, joyful and inspiring! Keep shining. <3

    1. Ohhhh! You live in a big family as well?!!! :D That is so awesome! Thanks ❤ That made my dayyyyy! You're the sweetest :) And same about yours! You have the greatest posts ever! I ALWAYS love reading them!!


  2. I love your blog! I live in a family of 9! It's awesome! Great blog! I also dance!! Check mine out at

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Noelle : )