Funny Friday

Hey Guys!

Just was gonna make up for the "Funny Fridays" I've skipped over. Sorry about not posting every other Friday like I said I would, well here's the pic:

Haha, might not seem funny to you, but i just thought it kinda was cute how this is a normal lunch for the lil' ones!  She's so cute, i think this was last Summer?!  I love her messy smile : ) Hehe...enjoy!

One more thing, I'm gonna change my "Funny Friday" to just a funny post every month, since i don't have much time to take a vid./pic every other week!  That's all for now : )



  1. Aww, cute! Its amazing how much younger she looks there!

  2. I know! It's neat to be taking snap shots a lot, so we can gather all of them together and see the memories we made just with one "click" !


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