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Just a random post about different stuff going on! Tonight is Awanas, which i can't wait for : )  Tomorrow our friend and her family are coming over, and she is spending the week end with us, YEY!  On Thursday (Tomorrow)  we're (our friend, my sis, and i) are gonna be singing some songs off a karaoke disc!  (BTW, here's a link to my sista's blog http://www.singing4life-isabelle.blogspot.com).  On Friday we're gonna hang out 'n' stuff ; )  Thursday morning we have a dentist appointment. UHHH.  All it makes me think of is gagging when they stick stuff into my mouth for like 1,000,000 minutes (Exaggerating :)

Sooooooooo, yesterday i was painting in the garden at the picnic table for some of the give-away callendars.  It was so nice and breezy out, and it was nice being by the white bird house and all the blooming flowers.  BTW, The birds have hatched!  They are sooooooooooo cute!  We still can't hear them chirping, cuz they can't make any sound sicne they're so little. A few of them have black fuzz, but the rest are still "pink".  gtg.


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