Ballet, and savings!

Just some old pictures of my little sis!  She's taking after me!  We had dressed her up in a new, expensive ballet outfit from our Aunt when she visited, white tights, some hand-me-down shoes,
and lady bug earrings.....wich equals ADORABLE!!!

She loved her new, full, fluffy skirt!  I love the velvet leotard on top!  She wore hand-me-down shoes then, but now she has pink Ballet slippers!  She wants to take Ballet lessons now at our local YMCA, so, like i said, she's taking after me : )

I'm saving up to take Ballet lessons at an Academy/school near us!  I have a savings jar that has $5.10 in it so far, and a paper that reminds me i have birthday money coming too, so in all i'm wanting to saveup $100 to get a good ballet outfit and shoes : )  So, in all, with the money i'm going to earn from doing work around the house, and from my savings in the bank, i should have around $60??  But, i'm in no rush!  Wish me luck!

Oh, and do you guys have any advice on how to save up money??  All of my ideas have failed : (


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  1. Cuteness! Oh yeah, here's some ideas!!
    1. First of all, ask ur mom! My mom always has ideas...
    2. I'm going to be taking care of some plants 4 my aunt, so why not try doing some extra cleaning and/or housework?


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