Here are some pics of when we had our friend, Kealie over yesterday!!!

Before we clipped their nails!!!

Thanks for the help, Kealie!!!!!  This is my rabbit, Reese!  he like fell asleep when we were clipping his nails ; )

My sweet little baby!!!!

I know it looks like we just worked the whole time, but we did a lot more!  Like a water fight, and riding the motor bikes, and just hanging out!!!

Hope every one has a good week!!



  1. Hey, thanks for following my blog! I love you bunny...sooo cute!!! I used to have 4 rabbits. This makes me miss 'em!

    Looking forward to more of your posts! :)


  2. Oh, u r totally welcome, i LOVE ur blog soooo much!

    That is awesome that you used to have rabbits, i used to have another one, who was a girl, but i had to give her away, cuz she had a biting problem (To make a long story short : )

    Noelle : )


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Noelle : )