What keeps us busy during the day!

We do "Make overs"!!!!!! 

Of ppl we don't even know, but we make up names for them like "Ruth Cunning" or "Lori Oakes"....etc,.  Here are some of our creations!  Above is "Ruth Cunning" Before......

....And after!!!!!!  Big difference, right?? I think we've had a little to much of the show "What not to wear" ; )

This is "Judy Taylor" Before!  The description says "78-year-old Church organist" .............

.......After!  The description now says "Church electric guitarist"!

Sorry this pic is to the side....and it's blurry!  Before........

.......And after!  Haha. We're creative, aren't we?!  I would have done one of my sis', but hers was thrown away..... : (

I got a new hair cut!  It's a lot shorter now, but it'll be cool for the Summer!  My older sis cut it!

I know this pic is really washed out and bright, but my camera was in the "Mood" for flashing : )

Me 'n' My lovely sis! (BTW, we weren't wearing make up!)  Love her so much : ) : ) : )

Have a happy, happy week!

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