Dear Gabe,

Your b-day's this month, and you're turning 3-years-old!  I'm not too good at saying what i think out loud, and i know you wouldn't really be able to listen to this whole thing.  I know i'm a girl, and you're a boy, so i can't give you advice like another boy could, but i'm just talking from my big sister heart to you!

Boys are described as loving snails and puppy dog tails....and all those things.  But you're more than that!

Sure, you might throw a fit if you don;t get your way, you might get tired of all our cuddles, and get a little grumpy, but, behind all that is a sweet little boy, you!

Your smile can warm a room, and your laugh can't keep a mouth straight. When your chubby little arms embrace me with a hug, I couldn't love you more.  It makes one smile when you have your competitive spirit, and pretend to be a "Super hero"!

But, one day, you'll be all grown up, and I won't be able to cuddle and kiss you in my lap as much as i want.

Then, i'll just be another girl with jiggly bracelets, make up, lots of perfume, glittery earrings, and bubble gum!  These things probably totally  gross brothers out : )

Even if i can't still spoil you with candy, and smother you with kisses, you'll still be that sweet little boy i love.

You'll still have that smile, that silly laugh, that you!

And, i'll always, always love you ; )

                                                 Happy Birthday!!!

You at six months!  That sweet smile ; )

at seven months : )

Being your silly self at nine months.... so cute!!

At eleven months old!

On your 2nd birthday : )

I love u, Gabe!



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    1. Thanks! He is so's hard to believe he is 3 already!!!!


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