Imagine a city........

Black and dark, and there was no light to be seen.  There was anger and fighting in the dark all the time.  Then one day, There's a bright light in the distance, coming closer and closer up the street.  But, as you see it coming, it is growing bigger and bigger.  There was one person amongst the darkness, and he (Or she ; )  Has given the light to every one else as He goes.  The light he is holding never goes dim or burns out.  And, he doesn't keep the light to himself, but shares it with every one else.

One by one, a candle is lit in each window sill, and soon, the whole city is lit up!
Can you imagine seeing that!! 

Think of if God saw that when He looked down on the world.  Think of if that person with the light was you, and the city with only darkness was the world.  And you were not afraid to share and spread the light to the world, lighting it up, one person at a time.

The world is hurting and dark, But, with God's grace, and strength, and love, we can light it up, we can Set the world on fire for God!!!

Search in your Bibles for:
Psalm 18:28
Matthew 5:15
Luke 8:16
1. Draw your own picture symbolizing this, and have "Set the world on fire" written on it.
2. Keep a small candle (Lit or unlit)  in your room, so you'll be reminded of this.
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Have a happy, happy week ; )


  1. Thank you so much for this post Noelle! I really enjoyed it. :) I don't know if I heard that song before, but I really like it. Also those are really good verses and I like that little imagine/story you did at the beginning too. You are an amazing person. :)

  2. Noelle,

    I love your blog! It's so sweet and inspirational. It's always nice to meet another God-lover!! =D Hope to hear from you more in the future.
    Your new follower,
    ~Storyteller ;)

    1. Hi!

      Thank you so much for ur sweet comment! I love ur blog, and i agree! It's gr8 to meet so many other Christian girls over blogger! Thanks for following my blog!!!

      Noelle : )

  3. Thanks for that post! you are truely an insperation!!

  4. Hi Lissie!

    Thank you so much for ur sweet means so much to me!! Jesus loves u ; )

    Noelle : )


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