I was awarded by sweet Marissa with the Artsy award!  Thanks so much, Marissa!!!  So, i have to answer 5 questions and award 5 people!

Here are the questions:

1. Skirts or Jeans? Jeans, but i like wearing fashionable skirts a lot ; )

2. Cats or dogs? DOGS!!!!!

3. Cows or horses? Horses, totally! ; p

4. Wood floors or carpet? Wood floors, cuz carpet gets really dirty!

5. Rain or sun? Sun(shine) I love it!!!!

The people i award just answer the same questions:







I am gonna give a beauty tip, since i haven't done one in a while!

This time I am doing a "Nail Art" thing!!!!

I am doing a style where there are all different colors and designs on each different nail!

I put tape around my finger, so that i didn't get nial polish on my skin, and then i painted my nail white.

Then, i painted pink stripes over the white.

Then i added a gloss coat over that to keep it from chipping.

On the next finger, I painted purple nail polish.

I then used a white nail polish and (tried) to paint polka dots.  It can also be cute to do half polka dots on the edges.

Now, to the last finger, i painted it with a pink/peach nail polish first.

And then, i did a random sorta zebra design with white nail polish.

Here is what the three look like together:

You can go on with your other fingers and do different colors and design and maybe even add some sparkle, just be creative!

Have a happy, happy week!!!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Marissa ; ) I hope u get to try it out!!

      Noelle : )

  2. Loving the nails! SoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo cute!!

  3. Thanks for awarding me!

    Hmmm... beauty tip?! was someone copying from my "fashion tip?!" haha jk!

    1. Welcome!

      noooooooo..........well, meba'! haha...lol ; )

      Noelle : )

  4. Thanks for awarding me!!

    SUPER cute nails! nail painting is something I LOVE to do!:D


    1. U r welcome!

      Thx! I know...same here!! Love it ; )

      Noelle : )


Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )