You can fall in love with......

People (Wink, wink ; ), animals....etc,.

And, when you fall in love, you dream about, imagine, talk, think, and just about everything about what you are in love with.
You're not ashamed or embarrassed of it.

You would do all that when falling in love with something in this world, but think about all that about God! Truly being in love with Him!!
How come we can so easily and proudly talk about something else in the world we're in love with, but somehow w're embarrassed to talk a lot about God?
Our relationship with God doesn't just have to be about believing and obeying, but truly falling in love with God.

Verse to look up:

Deutoronomy 6:5



Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )