hey guysssss

i feel so bad, because Sarah was one of the winners of my "Valentine's quiz" video, and i never did the post i had promised! soooo....here it is!

she had asked me to do a post about one of the below: 

1. Your answer to my question but written out in actual story form (just a chapter doesn't even have to be the first one)
2. A post about your favorite outfits
3. A post about other things you're interested in as well as dancing.

soooo....i decided i would do a "fashion" post about some of my favorite outfits, and some different fashion tips!

soooo......my first favorite outfit is this one:


(yes this is one from a previous blog header ; )

i like to wear some casual outifts, an some more "fancy" outfits, but mostly cute, casual outfits!  so, this is an outift that i wear A LOT during the fall/winter months!  the sweater top i really like, because it is super comfortable and i loveeee the colors! and i love the tenishoes, cuz they are really comfortable, and i can just slip them on any timee!!!
this next outfit is a summer outfit:

this top is from a consignment sale (but the brand is abercrombie ; ) and i really like the color, it's like my favorite shade of blue/gray! it buttons up the top and has the "ruffled" flowers, as you can see XD
These shorts are from a consignment sale too, but they're from Justice, and i like to wear white shorts with a darker top : ) and i like how the shorts have a lace kinda tie/belt on them <3
so, yeah, those are two of my favorite outfits of mine!!!
here are two tips for summer clothes:
1. i think it is cute to wear darker tops with white shorts (like i said above) just to give some contrast of color, since, usually during the winter you wear "light" colored tops with dark jeans during the fall/winter!
2. i think that wearing cute, thin belts or ties with shorts during the summer is really cute! i think it is really cute to add a colorful accent <3
sooo....i hope you guys enjoyed this post <3 <3 <3
Have a happy, happy rest of the week!


  1. Thanks for the tips!! I really really loved the outfits, they are super cute!! I really love the tips and I am definitely going to be using them this year. Great Ideas Keep it up!!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Marie! awww....that's good to hear ; ) I am glad your gonna use my tips, i am not quite the fashionable one, but i am glad that you at least are able to use my tips <3


      Noelle : )

  2. Love the tips!! very cute outfits!!!♥ it all girlie!!

    1. Thanks so much, girly!!! Thanks again, i just got the shorts/top outfit at the conignment sale ; ) Love ya <3

    2. Thats cool! And I awarded you!! :D http://emmywkblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/violets-and-daisies-award.html

    3. Ok!!! Thanks, i will go check it out now, and i will post it tomorrow!


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