Girl's Night!!!

Tonight is kinda-sorta a girl's night.  Mom, Isabelle, Annabelle, and I are downstairs watching TV.  (All but Annabelle are awake though ; ) 
We're watching "Sweet Genius" a girl thing!!  Whenever the boys see us watching it they leave the room to watch something with Dad, or they groan, and say that we can watch our "yucky" stuff and they'll watch something else.

If your wondering what "Sweet Genius" even is, it's a cooking challenge that is only desserts.  There are four contestants and three rounds of desserts. The first one chocolate, second, candy, and third is cake.  There is one judge that judges all the desserts, and who ever did not do so good would have to leave.  One person leaves per round, so they eventually get to only one contestant, who wins, and is a "Sweet Genius".  Does that make sense??? 

Ok, i guess that's enough about that show ; ) ; )
Before that we watched "Say yes to the dress: Bridesmaids" .  If you'd like me to explain that it's just a show about groups of the bride, bridesmaids, and maid of honor who try on dresses, and decide on which one thye want. another totally girl thing! But, it's fun to see the different dresses, and just surprising how high the prices are on the dresses (Like $2,000 and above!)
 While we watched this "Girly" show, we had tortilla chips and salsa, and milk, YUM!  We were completely out of pop corn, "No pop corn?!!!!!!!"

Right now we're watching "19 kids and counting".  Annabelle is sleeping soundly in one of the cozy chairs, Isabelle and I are on the couch, and Mom is in a chair by Annabelle!!!!  Gonna go now ; )



  1. Oh yeah, P.S., I've seen Sweet Genius before, and the rounds are actually chocolate, frozen, and baked. You basiclly had the same concept, just got the names mixed up a little! ; ) Love you girl!

  2. Yeah! So, like is said on the phone, u were probably watching season 1, and i was watching season 2, so the rounds were different. Love ya BFF : )


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