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Hey Guys!

 I'm gonna be having a give- away on this blog...yay!!!!  If you don't know what a "Give-away" is, it's where there will be a challenge, and the first few to complete the challenge win a "prize" !!!!!!  First, I will tell you about the challenge: A Scavenger Hunt!!!  Here's how it goes:

First of all, for 1 1/2 weeks, i'm going to be posting "Clues" to the "treasure".
The "treasure" is a Bible verse. The first 5-7 people that find out what the verse is, win a prize.  Does that make sense? If not, e-mail me to:

Ok, the prize for the first 5-7 people that complete the challenge win a hand-made callendar that I've made for 2013!  I'm gonna do some drawings and paintings for the callendar.  The callendar is not a  full-sized one, but is a sorta notebook/pocket callendar, so you can bring it in your purse/bag with you, and use it to keep track of your schedule when you are out or something! The pages will be laminated, so they are protected form spills and stuff.  The winners will recieve more details about what art they can get, and the shipping and everything. BTW, I will pay for the shipping, and i will carefully package everything : )


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