Hey Guys!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I can't get on the computer every day!  You can see i have been making numerous changes to my blog (Background, gadgets...etc,.) , but i guess it's hard for me to find a "Theme" that's just right for me, my personality, and my blog ; ) 

Thanks for every one commenting and reading my blog already!!!!! (Just wanted 2 say that b4 i went on)

Recently, i've gotten a new hair cut that mom did last week.
Mom cut about 5 inches off of it, and it's R.e.A.l.L.y short in the back, but slants,and comes down longer in the front, it's sorta slanted!

It's awesome what you can find on google and youtube, because mom did the hair cut just using a 5 minute video on a modern bob that showed how to cut the hair cut step-by-step!!!

I love the hair cut, and it'll be nice this Summer to have hair off my neck and face : )

Talking about Summer.......... I think it might be a H.o.T summer this year since we had a considerably warm winter.  And, not to mention the warm Spring we've had. Since it was warm this last Winter, none of the ticks and bugs died out, so i have a feeling we're gonna be using the tweezers often....Ugh!  Haha.

I love Summer, cuz we play in the water with out freezing to death.  And, whenever i think of Summer i think of Pop sicles, Ice cream, slip 'n' slide, the pool, and a tank top and shorts : )
What's every one else's favorite part of Summer?

I think i just listed some of mine!!!

Another fav. is the Sunshine, and the long daylight, so we can play basketball at 7 pm, with out having the outside lights on so we can see. 

This pic off of google makes the sun look pretty, huh?! That's all for this post, but, i'll be posting more soon!


  1. Hi Noelle! Your haircut sounds really pretty! And I agree with you, OH YEAH, I think it'll be a HOT one this year! Like you said, considering the warm winter (Un-naturaly warm winter) AND the warm spring(And me being the "weather nut" that I am ; )) I definatley think you are right.

    Even so, I CAN'T WAIT for summer!!!

  2. Hi ReAnne!

    Yeah, since we lived so close, we both got the same weather! I look forward to a HoT summer though, cuz then i can have a reason to eat ice cream, popsicles, and run in the sprinkler, HAHA. You know i don't just sit around and eat all day, RIGHT????

  3. Can you send me a picture of your hair?


  4. Hi Elisabeth!

    Thanks for commenting! I have some before and after pictures of my hair before and after, but maybe i can take some new ones too! I'll try to send them to you soon : )


Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )