We have visitors!

Hey guys!

Like i said, we have visitors!  Not the visitors you would think of (Family, friends...etc,.) But a bird has nested in our bird house and laid about 5 eggs!  It's sooo cute, cuz the eggs are white with red speckles, and i have a favorite that has a lot of bIg, but little speckles!!!  The bird is a little brown and white one, that stays in the bushes by our house when we're around the nest, and flies back and forth when we're not there.  The eggs are well taken care of.  My favorite part of having birds staying in the bird house on our porch, is i love to see them line up on the stone walk way and fly off with their mom.  It's cute to see them get up their courage to do it : )  There have been lots of birds nest on our porch, but i've only seen one nest of them first use their wings to fly off in a row.  I think that nest had about 6 or so birds in it!

I know this picture is blurry, but it's a close up of the three of the eggs.  You can't see the speckles though : (

                                                         Do you kind of see the red speckles in this picture if you look closely?

The little bird house.  Doesn't it look like a little cottage?!  The "Mama" bird filled the little "Loft" in it with lots of pine needles and leaves, so it's cozy and dark in there at night!  The little window at the top looks into the "Loft" where you can see the speckled eggs.  I just love that birds love to stay around our house : )

The day that i took these pictures, it was really hot, and Annabelle, who's four was running in the sprinkler and playing water balloon battle with me!   It was fun.  After i dried my hair off, i took these pictures, but the "Mama" bird flew away when i opened our door to get my camera, and didn't dare come back, so i couldn't get any pictures of her, but she's really cute too!!!!

That's all about our little "Visitors"



  1. Hi there! : ) They sound so cute! I thought it was neat when you mentioned that they line up to fly away with their mom, and its amazing how they get the courage to do it. Because when I read that, it kinda reminded me of following Jesus. Like the baby birds, completley ready and willing to follow their mom, we should be that way about following Him. How come some of us don't follow, and call themselves Christians? I don't know, but here's a thought: If the little baby birds, can follow, and they were created by God, how come we, whom He calls the best of His creation, can't follow Him? Think about that, if baby birds can follow their mother, why can't we, whom God calls the best of His creation, follow Him? If baby birds can do it, why can't some of us? Its because those who "can't" follow, aren't willing to follow.

  2. Hey ReAnne!

    Thanks for the thoughtful comment. I always enjoy your comments. I love how you put all that into words, and i thank you for your advice. Love ya BFF : )


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