Give Away Update

Just wanted to give an update on my give away!  I know it's been a long wait.  The weather's been crazy here, like one day it'll rain, and the next it'll be sunny and breezy!  And you can't always trust the weather report(even though they're usually 99% right).  So, it's been hard to get outside with my paints and note pad and just have a couple of hours of painting.  Added to that, the little ones like to come around when I'm painting, and that is an additional problem!! : )

But, i am working on the paintings!!!  Promise ; )  I have some paintings done (i think 4) and so it won't be a lot longer.  The first winner should get theirs first, and then the second winner will get hers next, because it's sorta hard to be painting for two different kinds of calendars at the same time : ) 


P.s. i hope my paint brushes aren't gluey and ruined, cuz we put a lot of glitter glue on them when Annabelle painted : )  I hope i can get the glitter off of them!  wish me luck ; )

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