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This morning has been 2 loads of laundry, including a HUGE pile of clean, white socks, towels, wash clothes, t-shirts, and.......underwear (UUUHGG, gross!)
Plus a lot of my clothes, so we've had a lot of folding to do : )

Annabelle and I did paper dolls with her "Little house on the Prairie" paper doll book!  there were a  lot of sets and stuff.  "Sets" meaning like, Ma, Pa, Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Jack dressed and bundled up to go into town to get some fabric to make dresses for Laura and Mary for on Sunday, Then coming home (One side of the "set" is outside, and the other side is inside their cozy cabin) and getting in their aprons and making bread and Ma yelling at Mary and Laura because they didn't make enough for the whole family to eat that night (haha!), and so on!!!!  It's fun, and Annabelle loves to set up all the paper animals and gardens and dolls outside : )

Right now Gabe and Annabelle are watching  "Jake And The Never Land Pirates", cuddled up on the couch with blankets!  Doug was playing his guitar to "I will rise"!  Oh, here comes Gabe, sucking his thumb with no shirt on (He's only 2-years-old ; ).

Just some memories!  This was a "School Picture" we took of Annabelle when she was just starting Pre-school !

Gabe had to have his own little pic too, since Annabelle got one!  This was like a year ago though : )

It may be crazy, but it's just what we're like it's our normal life, our family life....it's just us : )

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