Summer countdown: a CraZy start of a Summer!

Today (as i'm sure u all know, if u were counting down on ur calendar like me!)  Is the first day of Summer! 

Right away this morning, Summer hit with a 97 degrees!  It was BlArInG hOt, and really SuNnY!  We were inside, doing School (Since we're home schooled, we're going through the Summer : ) for most of the morning, but when i got out during lunch break, it was soooooooo HOT!

 U know those kinds of days during the Summer when it's just humid, plain out humid, and there's no breeze at all, and it's just still, and feels groggy and everything?  I bet i'm just making u feel miserable sitting right here!

Go from that to the cool pool water at our YMCA!! It was cool and clear this evening when we went, and Issy and I jumped right in!

This is a Google pic i found of pool water (No, it's not our pool!)  But it just looks so cool and refreshing when i think of the hot day we had! 

Gabe And Annabelle were swimming around with mom some part of the time, but later on, they were with me!

Gabe was really scared at first of the water that looked so deep, but then ended up coming to the steps that had 3-4 foot water around them and swam with me!  He didn't AcTuAlLy swim, but he did sit in my arms!

This is my lil' buddy!  He was a year younger then, though!

Annabelle is learning how to swim, and can lay on her stomach, and swim under water now!  She's only 4!

My lil' sis, this last Fall!  She's so sweet and fun to hang out with!

So, we had a blast at the pool!

Have a happy Summer : )


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