Just wanted to do a post on one of my favorite movies now....BRAVE!  It just came out in theatres yesterday, and Dad and i went at 11:00 in the morning to watch the first showing in our theatre! 

I love Mirida's character!  I think I'm a little more of a girly-girl, though, and wouldn't mind as much getting dressed in fancy, Princess dresses...etc,.


I would love an adventure like hers though!  I think it was an awesome movie!

I'm a little glad i don't have wild, red hair, though : )  (Jk ; )

We have won 2 FREE tickets from Subway kid's meals to go watch Brave in theatres!  So, Dad (Or mom) will probably taske 2 of us kids.  But, Dad had promised my little sis, Annabelle, he'd bring her!

I hope u go to watch the movie.....It's AWESOME!!!!!!

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