Tour of our home

I know it's fun to read some one's blog, and kinda have a picture in your minds of where they're typing from.  So, i decided to give you a "tour" of my house!  Here are some pics!!!!

Come on in!

This is the chandelier right to your left in our "Piano room" that has a electric piano, desk, china cabinet, and bench by the sunny windows.

Now, exit to your left, and you come into our "School" + "Play" room!

The timeline from creation to today
A small amount of our school schedule!  It's fun being home schooled, even if we are busy!

Our wall map, with missionaries taped on the areas they influenced.

I would go on to show you our living room, but, it was a bit dirty when i tried to take a pic!  Sorry!  But, I can tell you it's cozy, and probably the cleanest room (Normally) in the house, until the little kids camp out there during school!  And that is what had happened when i took the pic!  To give you a bit of a description, it has yellow walls, and red-brown wood floors.  And there are a lot of windows in it.  we also have a stone fireplace and, of course, some couches and different seats to lounge in!

Now, we head to the kitchen/dining room! Mom was making lunch or dinner, so i didn't take any pics of the actual kitchen, but i did of the table in our dining room!

I sooooooo did not get a good pic of the table AT ALL!  Dad and the boys made it in their workshop in the garage.  They also have a business of selling these tables!

Now upstairs!  We have portraits of all of us kids all the way up the wall above the stairs!  You can see me and my older sis highlighted!

When you go down the hall, you'll go straight to our bedroom!  My older sis and i share it, and right now our lil' sis is sleeping in with us, cuz she's afraid of the dark ; )

Sorry the pic is so small!  Since most of it is black and white, you probably can't tell our walls are pink, and our quilts have pink, green, and a creamy white color in them.  In gold lettering on the walls above our beds, our names are written!

Now, here is our loft/craft room/sewing room!

                                   The picture's ReAlLy blurry, i know, but it is like the only one i have!

Here are the storage baskets in the loft!  They're full of patterns, party supplies, different fabrics, stings, tulle, and laces.

This ends the short little "Tour" of our house!  I hope you enjoyed!  Next week is gonna be "My wardrobe" !


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  1. Noelle, your bloig is beautiful, and insperational!! Please, I urge you, my sister in faith, to keep fighting this amazing fight, to blog ,as a christian girl I am inspired. It is just BEAUTIFUL!!


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