TeArS : (

BOOHOO!!  I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed to say that i have been working ReAlLy hard on the calendars (For the contest winners), but i have not been able to complete them!  I know most of u would encourage me to continue, but it would take FOREVER!  I'm sooooo sorry!

I am not going to just leave you empty handed, so i have a solution! I have a gift card for LifeWay Christian Book stores, and would be more than happy to send a gift to you from LifeWay!  I'm gonna buy them tomorrow, so i will send them out soon!  If you guys have any needs i would be happy to get them from LifeWay (Stationary, journals...etc,.)  But besides that, I'll just get something "girly" from the gift section! 

So sorry about this!  Next time i do a give-away, i won't have a goal i won't be able to accomplish (like painting 12-24 pictures)!   I hope u guys understand : )



  1. Noelle,

    You don't have to get me a gift! You can keep it for yourself! If you already sent it then I guess that I will take it.


    Elisabeth Wood
    (On Matthew's account because mine broke down!)

    1. Hi Elisabeth!

      I have already packaged them up, so i'd love to send them! I was lost on what to get with my gift card any way, so i decided just ot use it for this : ) I'll send the stuff today!!! Sorry about the calendars!

  2. Hi!! I was wondering if you could follow my friend Claire's Blog. www.clairegruver.com Thanks


Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )