Summer Count Down

It's 14 days till Summer begins!  YAY : )  This pic is a little blurry and bright, but it's of one of our blooming bushes in front of our house! 

The butterfly bush is in full bloom with purple flowers, and there are a lot of bright butterflies fluttering around it!  Speckled butterflies of all kind.  I love butterflies.  I love to put them in a jar, with holes in the lid, and plenty of flowers and leaves, and watch them flutter around.  But, we usually end up letting them out, or, sadly, they die ; )

I thought this picture of a butterfly was pretty!  But, we don't get this kind of butterfly around our bushes where we live!  We have butterflies of yellows, oranges, browns, whites, and so on! 

I can't wait till Summer!  My favorite thing about it is being able to play in the pool and the sprinkler with out being c-o-l-d, like you would if you jumped in to cold water during winter!!!  Comment and tell me your favorite thing about summer : )

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