Count down to Summer!

Summer is only 18 days away!  I am gonna do a summer count-down with pictures from our garden, yard, etc,.  So, here are some pics of our bird house in our garden below! 

Here's the long, white post of the bird house!  Mom painted it on a Sunday in Spring!

Guess what!  We have another nest of birds!  We can't see them because the bird house is so deep, but they keep "tweeting" really loud!

We also have a Rabbit's burrow  in the garden, some where under the bushes!  There is some rabbit that is staying in our garden under some of the bushes!  She is a little brown one with tall ears, but you don't see much of her, because she runs so fast out of the bushes! I hope she has baby bunnies so we can keep them as pets!  Wish me luck on finding bunnies!  (If there are any ; )

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