Black-out craft

Welcome to our little green craft room!  I know a lot of u ( at least those of u that are in VA, or Wvirginia, and some of the New England states) have power outages from this bad storm that went through here!  And I know at the same time, we're having a BIG heat wave, so, those of u with out air conditioning or fans, are really hot right now!  Our power was only out for one night, so I'm not too miserable : )

Any way, i wanted to give u guys a Summer craft to do, if u have ur power out, just to give u something to do, or something to cool u off (U'll c why : ) 
And those of u whose power is not out, just to give u a craft to do with ur little brothers and sisters, or just for fun!  Here it is : )

Ur gonna want a clean table with plenty of craft supplies!  I have a jar with paint brushes (As you can see) and a lot of other stuff for crafts. Like our red basket/bucket (In the pic) of paper, glue, tape, pencils, erasers...etc,.

ChInEsE pApEr FaNs

Have a clean piece of construction or printer paper (Construction paper is best!)

Add some art to it!  It can be Chinese-looking art, or anything u want.  But, it's better is ur art fills the whole page, so when ur done with the fan, u can still see the art!!

Go to one of the edges and fold it over, like this pic shows. (BTW, i hope u like my pink nails : )

Now, flip the paper over to the side with out the art, and fold again, evenly with the last fold.  I call it a fan fold (And, i think that's what it IS called ; )

U just keep flipping the paper and folding, until it looks like the picture above!

You now hold all the folded paper together, and fold up the bottom of it, so u have a sort of handle.  It is easier if u tape the handle, so it stays.  It should look something like the picture above! 

When u use the fan, be sure to hold the handle tight!  This should give u something to cool u off with, and u can make a lot of the these little fans and make them really colorful and creative!

Have fun : )

P.S.  I'll be doing some other craft posts soon, this Summer!



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