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here goes!


Our days on earth are really, really short, especially if u compare it to the eternal life we will recieve in Heaven. I mean, nothing can get longer than eternal, right?!
So, when u think of that, and then our days on earth, it seems so short!
But, that doesn't mean we can't do anything!!

There arwe 365 days a year, about 30 days a month, 24 hours in a day.  Come on, we can't just sit around and say "My life's so short, how can i do anything in this short amount of time?!"

If u were at a party that was only 2 hours long, u wouldn't just stand there and fret, and say "We can't od anything in 2 hours!". You would try to fit in as much as possible, right? U would find time to paint ur nails, do eachother's hair, decorate cupcakes....and all that girl stuff!

So, even though our life is short on earth, that doesn't mean we can't do anything!

God put us on this earth for a reason, and He didn't give us this time on earth just to wait around till we die!

We should try to do all we can to with the time we have on earth to glorify God!

Search in ur Bibles for:

Psalm 103:15-16


1. Keep a bouquet of wildflowers in ur bedroom, so whenever u look at it, u will think of these verses.

2. Get a pretty, glittery (Preferrably : ) noetebook, and keep a journal of every day life.

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    1. : ) uhhhh, YEAH!!!! who do u think i am???!!!!!

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