Our late night

Last night, at about 10:30 pm, we were in the office with Dad, listening to different songs, and watching surfing vids.

Mom opened the door and i heard what sounded like HeAvY rain falling, but it was a warm wind!  It was like 90 something degrees outside, and there was a wind of 47 mph (I think?) outside!

So, we ran to the TV to check the weathe,r and sure enough, there was a storm heading our way, that had killed people near us.  (I don't wanna turn this post scary : )

so, we all got our shoes on, and sweAters on (Not that we needed them, cuz it was soooooo warm, but there was such a heavy wind!) and went outside ( u r probably thinking, what r they doing????!!!!!).

We have a basement/crawl space outside, where we open the door behind our house.  We had 6 chairs in it, and we have lights, and we brough tblankets in, so we were cozy!

We all cuddled up, and waited for the storm to end.  We had 2 vents on the walls, so we could hear the heavy wind and thunder.

after about 10-15 min. Dad went outside, and said it was safe to go back inside now. 

We were all relieved, but..............our power was out!!!!!!!!!!!!

It stayed out all night, so dad plugged in our generator, and we were able to stay up late and watch tv! We used the generator mostly to run our fans, since it was sooooo hot!

Well, i know this post was boring, but i just wanted to let u know, we didn't get the worst of the storm, but it was a long night!

P.S. we stayed up till 1 am

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