"Crafty" Give Away!

Ok, last time I did a give away, it was a disaster!  It took soooooo much time, and I know a lot of you were frustrated, and it seemed like it took forever!!!!  The reason was, because, i hadn't even done a lot of my paintings for the calendars yet, and there were 2 winners, so i would of had to paint 24 paintings in a short amount of time.  So, i ended up just sending a Lifeway gift to the 2 winners (Thank you guys for being so thankful : )

But, this time, i am going to have everything already ready for the one winner!  I have already made the prize, and will also have one more "Bonus" Prize for the winner!  Let me tell you the challenge, and then the prize:


Make a recycled, upcycled...etc,. craft out of something like plastic bottles, newspapers...etc,. using something recycled in your craft creatively! It doesn't have to be anything big, it could be as little as a pen decorated with stuff, to make it look really cute, those little things mean the most to me!!  After you have finished your craft, send a picture of it to my e-mail:



A "What to do when" 6 page "book" I wrote of stuff to do when, for example, you are tired of watching TV, when it's a rainy day and you can't go outside...etc,.  I have made it sorta like a scrap book with glitter, stickers, tissue paper, and lots of drawings!
I already have it ready, so once you have won, i will send it in the mail right away!
I don;t have any pictures of it, sorry!  But i will get a couple to show you, so you can have some idea of what you are winning!

Have a happy, happy day : )


  1. Wow! Exciting! Btw, I love your playlist! :)

  2. Thanks! Have u seen my new give away?? I <3 ur playlist too : )


Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )