I know this is NOT a Saturday, but i got way behind on my "Social life", so i was not able to do a post on Sat. For my "Girl chat"!!!

So, even though this is a Tuesday, i am gonna do the  "Girl chat" anyway!


Can you imagine walking out on a tree limb, over a waterfall, 1,000 feet up in the air, and not being scared.  Or, can you imagine riding a bicycle on a busy high-way, on one of the lanes with a car driving 100 mph??

Don;t get me wrong, I'm not saying i would.

Now, could you imagine, with out fear, going up to a none-believer at walmart, and talking about Jesus and how he died for us, and how you have accepted Him into your heart?  Or, even just showing you are a Christian, around None-believers, and standing out as a Christian? 

Which sounds harder now??

Sometimes, it can be really easy to think that our Christianity is embarrassing, or strange, just because it's different to other people.  But, just think about living a bold life for Christ where you were daring, and unafraid in any situation to stand out as a Christian!!!

Search in your Bibles for:

Luke 9:26


1. I know it can sometimes be hard to smile at some one you don;t like, or you are angry at, But this week smile at them!

2.  Don't be afraid to stand out as a Christian!!!

I'd love to chat about this topic with you! 

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