Isabelle : )

I just wanted to do a post about my awesome sis, Issy!

I  love her so much!

I Can't imagine not having a sis there to talk to!  I love u so much, sis : )

Here is a link to her blog:

Here is a random pic of her:

She was being silly, and just quickly took the pic : )

So, she doesn't normally look like this (Even though she is beautiful anytime : )

Love ya!



  1. awww, i love u MORE!! and i look ugly in that pic! hehe

    1. Wow! You two are sisters! Amazing! Both of you are my friends! Thank you so much! And both of you are so lovely! :) I'm blessed to meet you!

    2. Thanks for the compliments! yeah...we're sisters and Bff's which is awesome, cuz i can share everything with her!

      Thanks for being so nice!

      Noelle : )

      P.S. u r lovely too : )

    3. Every one else doesn't think so : ) u r beautiful!!!!


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Noelle : )