Winner and give away!!

The winner of my give away is Isabelle : )

I know it hasn't been long since i did the post about the give away, but I really liked her craft idea and it is also a DIY thing!

Her idea was to take a antiqued picture frame and use chicken wire to make a "Earring holder" for her earrings!  I am sure the pic above isn't the best quality, but it is generally what it is!

And you probably see the pic is in front of our tea pot lamp! : )

So, Isabelle is gonna win the "What to do when....." Book!

Since i know a lot of you did not get much of a chance to make ur crafts for the give away.....I am gonna do another one!

This one is a give away for "Around the world" stationary that i have made!  I drew the pictures.....and everything for them.  It is a set of 5 cards!

I know this picture is sooooooo blurry and doesn't give you a good idea of what they look like, but i have other pictures i am gonna upload really soon ; )

You can probably see the glitter on this card!

Each card will have a "Country" name on it.  (Example: Holland, France, India...etc,.)

The challenge is to just do a post on your blog about the give away with a link to my blog!!

Thanks.....and there will be more pics soon!
any Q's?

e-mail me at:

Have a happy day : )

P.s.'s 1:19 in the morning right now : )

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