Once upon a time there was a girl....

A girl who was surrounded by the best friends in the world

A girl who lived a family that couldn't love her more

Yet a girl who can burn fish sticks in the oven

A girl that loves to wear pink and glitter

A girl who has a sister that she can stay up till 5 a.m. in the morning with talking about "everything!"

A girl who doesn't like to go in the woods alone, because she is afraid of bears (haha!)

Yet a girl who can burn eggs over the stove

A girl who wears her Ballet shoes all around the house

And a girl who was loved by God, so loved that He sent His son, who died on the cross to save her, to forgive her.  A God who can wipe all her tears away and tell her that He loves her.

That girl is me.

I am not perfect, and i never will be, but i know that i have a family, friends, and a God who loves me soooo much!!!

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have a happy, happy week!!!!!


  1. The girl that is as sweet as sugar,

    creative as an artist

    And beautiful as a flower!

    luv you grl!


    1. Thanks so much, Emmy!!!!!!

      A girl who is as beautiful as a model

      A girl who would win an award for The best friend of the world

      The girl who i luv= U <3

      I luv u wayyyyyy more!!!!


      Noelle : )

    2. Thanks girl!

      Merry Christmas!

    3. welcome!!! Merry Christmas (late!!) haha....can't wait to skype today!!!!!!


      Noelle : )

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot, Rose : D


      Noelle : )


Thx 4 ur sweet messages! I'd love to hear from u -

Noelle : )