hey girls : )
i am interviewing my bestie, and also the most beautifulest girl in the world emmy <3
here are all the questions i asked her and her answers:
1. What is your style of clothing?

 I like casual, cute and color :)

2. What is your hobby?

I like to craft, crochet, write letters, read.. and more! (if you go to my about mio page on my blog you can see more!)

3. What are your three top FAVORITE singers/bands?

#1 ONE DIRECTION! #2 Jamie Grace #3 Carrie Underwood :)
4. What are your favorite flowers?

Daisies and Tiger lilys

5. What are your absolute favorite things about Summer?

Hang'in with friends at the beach♥

6. What has been your favorite age to be?

I think 12 :)

7. What is your favorite animal?

Horses! they're so beautiful!!

8. What are your favorite songs?

What makes you beautiful, Rock me... well ALL 1D songs and I also like Home by, Phillip Phillips :)

9. What are your favorite music videos?

Kiss you and One way or another (both by One direction)

10. What is your favorite thing to do when you're bored?

Watch 1D, talk to my bestie Noelle .. sleep?

i can like relate to all of 'em, emmy ; )
go check out her blog:
 and follow for her "40 follower giveaway" she's hosting, and giving away some awesome scarves!
emmy: thanks so much for being such a sweet, sweet, beautiful friend that i can talk to about anything!
if any of you wanna be interviewed on here you can just e-mail me to: sonshinegal1@gmail.com
or comment below, and i would <3 <3 <3 to interview you!!!
                          Have a happy, happy week!!!!!


  1. I LOVE your new header! you are very pretty too... love the music:) What is it called?

    1. Thanks so muchhhhh, Claire : ) Thanks again! My playlist? It is "Hold me" by Jamie Grace!!!!


      Noelle : )

  2. Thanks for interviewing me! t'was so fun!!! and thanks for being my friend that I can also talk to about ANYTHING! and thanks for telling about the 40 follower giveaway!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! lol ;) luv you!!

    1. You're super duper welcome, love! Yeppers, it twas ; ) ; ) You are very very welcome, thank YOU for being my bestie :o) You're welcome again, haha!!!! Love ya moreeeeeee


      Noelle : )


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